Bringing your furry friends to a pet-friendly holiday park, such as Epworth Fields, ensures that the whole family gets a break away from home. This means that you don’t have to worry about organising a pet sitter when you’re on your travels. We all know that leaving a family member behind makes you homesick and worry. This is why we are a pet-friendly holiday park so that no member is left behind. This ensures that you don’t have to assess kennels and worry about your furry friends missing you. Additionally, it means that you have more of an incentive to go out on walks and explore the Lincolnshire surroundings. After all, the whole family deserves a holiday together.

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Pet holidays

Bringing your pet along with you to a pet-friendly holiday park means that they get a vacation too. Leave your stresses and worries at home and bring your pet with you on your holiday. They will enjoy exploring new surroundings and it will allow them to go on plenty of walks in the Lincolnshire countryside. Up their activity levels with beautiful, scenic walks. Pet-friendly holiday parks are great for the family when camping, caravanning or simply staying in our lovely holiday cottages. Pets are welcomed throughout, with additional packages available to ensure that your furry friends feel at home. These can include treats, toys, bowls and much more. Take a look at our pet-friendly options available here.

Pet-friendly holiday park packing for your pet

Packing for your pet

Make sure that you pack the essentials for your pet. This ensures that you will be ready for your trip to the holiday park. Making a list of essentials will ensure that it is quick and easy when planning your holiday. The additional supplies needed will most likely be available in our on-site shop. However, you never know when we may be sold out so it’s best to overpack to be safe. Take a look at our blog on packing essentials here.

Lincolnshire countryside pet-friendly holiday park

Explore your surroundings and venture into the Lincolnshire countryside

Epworth Fields Pet-Friendly Holiday Park has many beautiful surroundings. You will find that these are the perfect places to walk your dogs and get your exercise and steps in for the day. After all, there is nothing more refreshing than breathing in the Lincolnshire air while exploring your surroundings. Take a look at the best places to walk your dogs in Lincolnshire:

Epworth walking routes

Epworth alone is filled with beautiful scenery and woodland areas, perfect for the family to stretch their legs. There are a variety of suggested routes to walk on so take a look at this helpful guide and find the perfect one for you here.

Additionally, there are a variety of fishing spots nearby, meaning that you can explore your hobbies with your family.

Hubbard’s Hill

Hubbard’s Hill is a popular walking destination in Lincolnshire. This beautiful park is maintained by a charity organisation to ensure that it continues to be one of Louth’s main beauty spots. This destination has a variety of perks. Here you’ll find both hilly and flat terrain, perfect for a variety to fit everyone’s needs. Additionally, there are forest areas for your furry friends to have a runaround. If you are bringing the whole family, this is the perfect place to bring a picnic and play fetch with your pets. Additionally, you can play fun games such as hide and seek and exploring the wildlife around Hubbard’s Hill. This is the perfect place to visit alongside your pet-friendly holiday park as it allows for a change of scenery and new adventure.

Anderby Creek

When staying at a pet-friendly holiday park, you will find that days out and exploring new surroundings will need to be planned beforehand. Anderby Creek is a great place to visit with your dog as it has plenty of space for both your dogs to run around. The sandy beach allows for a good, scenic walk and paddle in the sea. There are free parking spaces and pet-friendly cafes available. Take your furry friend for a cuppa and piece of cake.

Hartsholme Park

This is the perfect area to walk your animals and have a picnic. You can have the day out and explore the different routes. There is a park for children to play on, plenty of off lead areas and a lake to walk around. With toilets, free parking and scenic routes, this is a perfect way to spend your day.

Boultham Park

This is filled with many woodland areas to explore with your dog. Additionally, it makes for a great place to exercise in and get your daily steps. With beautiful surroundings, you will be at one with nature. There are many wide-open spaces for you to venture in.

Pet-friendly holiday parks are a great way for you to explore the outdoors and venture into Lincolnshire wildlife. You are more likely to go on a woodland walk if you have your pet with you as they will need the exercise so bringing them along on your holiday will enable you to stop and smell the roses.

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Our pet-friendly holiday park options

We pride ourselves in welcoming your furry friends to our pet-friendly holiday park. This is why we have a range of options for you and your pets. Firstly, you have the option to camp in a tent. This is the perfect way to get close to nature and get the true camping experience. Additionally, you can stay in a holiday home. We have a variety of plots available for you to have an escape away from home. Finally, we have our holiday cottages available. These are perfect for a home away from home with your animals. We even have add-on options that include little treats for your pets stay. After all, it’s their holiday too!

You will find in our onsite shop, that we have a range of pet essentials. This ranges from blankets and food to toys.

Take a look on our website here and explore all of the pet-friendly holiday options that we have here.

If you are looking for more useful information on camping tips and tricks, take a look at our blog page here.

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