Campsites in Lincolnshire in Autumn

Autumn Camping In Lincolnshire Will Have You Pleasantly Surprised

Campsites in Lincolnshire have many benefits that you may be unaware of. Camping is truly beautiful in the Autumnal months ahead. What a better place to visit than natures own golden paradise?

Campsites in Lincolnshire in Autumn

You may be feeling cold just thinking about going to campsites in Lincolnshire in Autumn. However, we are here to change your mind, you will certainly be pleasantly surprised on what Epworth Fields has to offer.


Campsites In Lincolnshire Turn Golden In Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to visit us at Epworth fields as the leaves turn from green to gold. This allows for a perfect picture opportunity on your travels. Have long walks in the beautiful surroundings and take a snap of the stunning trees and fallen leaves. Feel the crunch under your feet and breathe in the fresh Autumnal air.

Not only will you be walking on natures own golden pathway, if you wake up early enough, you will experience a stunning sunrise. You will discover a truly magical experience as the soaring sunlight oozes through the bare, over-towering trees. If you do get any beautiful pictures, post them online for others to see here.

Pumpkin Patch Campsites in Lincolnshire

Seasonal Activities

Halloween is near meaning one thing…pumpkins! That’s right, visit the local pumpkin patch with the kids and find the best one for your spooky decorations this season. Then, without the stress of mess at home, you can carve your pumpkins together, fun for all the family.  This is the perfect time to go camping due to seasonal events around the campsite and family bonding activities!

Explore the surrounding businesses and see what is going on locally. Many places will have seasonal themed offers and menu’s. You may even find the perfect pumpkin inspired drinks and desserts!

Walking in Autumn Campsites in Lincolnshire

Perfect Weather For Walking

The climate in Autumn isn’t as unbearable as it is in Summer, meaning that walks are much more appreciated. Autumn allows for a comfortable walk, with a fashionable gilet keeping you warm. Without the worry of heat bearing down on you and suncream necessities, you can simply admire your surroundings. In addition, it isn’t too cold, meaning that you can stroll happily in the perfect weather. Stop and take a minute to breathe in the crisp, Autumn air on your journeys, campsites in Lincolnshire have never been more desirable.

Bug Picture Campsites in Linolnshire Epworth fields

Less Bugs

Camping in Lincolnshire during the Autumn period, means that you are less likely to see anything from our little bug friends. As the colder days approach, you are less likely to be invaded by bugs including mosquitos, wasps etc. This is a benefit of camping in Autumn because it means less bites and stings to worry about. Of course, still pack your bug repellent just to be safe.

crowded campsite in lincolnshire

Less Crowded

It is less crowded at campsites in Lincolnshire this time of year due to people going back to work, children going back to school and upcoming festivities. This means that it is a lot less busy when camping in this season. Although it is nice to see different faces to say hello to while walking around, it is nice to have more you time and focus on your camping guests. Additionally, having less people at the site will make it all that more intimate and less cramped for you to play games and park up.


Furthermore, you will spend less time queuing if it is less busy, resulting in more time to enjoy leisurely activities. It also means that you can take the time to find a better camping spot as there will be more to choose from.

Cheaper rates

In most cases, camping in Autumn will actually save you money in comparison to other busy times in the year. This is due to being less in demand. Peak holiday times for camping are holiday seasons and school holidays. Going out of season means you can save on the activities that you do.

Fireworks while camping in lincolnshire

Magical Night

During November, you will find a variety of Bonfire Night activities. This is the perfect time for a family getaway. Camp in the beautiful fields and create a cosy den! You can enjoy marshmallows over a stunning fire and cuddle up, creating the perfect memories. You may even be lucky enough to see the fireworks from where you are camping. If not, take a look at the local events on and visit one of the local firework displays. This time of year is perfect for hot chocolates around the fire!

Additionally, you could buy some sparklers of your own and have your own fireworks celebration! Children especially love playing with sparklers- get them to practice spelling their name in the flame!

These are just a few benefits of camping in Lincolnshire in Autumn! We would highly recommend arranging a little getaway in your spare time. Before you know it, it’ll be Winter, so enjoy all of the outside activities while you can, before it becomes too cold!

Take a look at activities in and around Lincolnshire to do during your visit here.


Alternatives To Camping And How To Get In Touch

If you don’t fancy camping, there are alternatives! You can also pitch a caravan or enjoy a home away from home in a holiday cottage. There are many options when camping in Lincolnshire, meaning there is something for everyone. Many people fid that holiday homes are a bit more convenient than camping when young children are involved. However, during the Autumn period, you find that it is less busy so therefore easier to holiday with children.

Explore all of your options here:

As you can see, there are many reasons as to why camping shouldn’t stop once Summer has ended! Lincolnshire is a beautiful place to explore during all seasons, including Autumn. Step outside and adventure into the surrounding fields and towns, you certainly won’t regret it. For more information on Epworth Fields Holiday Park, don’t hesitate to contact us:


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, for any more holiday inspiration or information on camping essentials, take a look at our other blogs here.

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