Top 10 Reasons Why Your UK Summer Holiday Destination Should Be Epworth Fields Holiday Park

The summer holidays aren’t far away. We’ve been working hard to get ready for the summer season and have more reasons than ever to make your vacation special. Read on to find out how we plan to make your holiday a memorable one.


The summer holidays are fast-approaching, and the weather is set to be scorching, we’ve already had the hottest winter weather ever! We’ve got loads of UK summer holiday adventures to get kids active outdoors and away from their screens. Discover the natural world in our secluded parklands and vacation homes this summer. Read on to discover ten reasons why Epworth Fields Holiday Park is the perfect family vacation.


Top 10 Reasons:


  1.  Over 12.5 Acres of Countryside to Explore



  1.  Let Go of All The Stress and Tension



  1.  Camping In Comfort


  1.  Gather Around an Open Fire



  1.  Teach Kids Old-Fashioned Values – Unplug, Recharge, Reconnect



  1.  Epworth Fields, an Historic Town



  1.  Adventure on Your Doorstep



  1.  Pet-friendly


  1.  Proper Grub in Our Pop-Up Kitchen



  1.  The UK’s First Fully Eco-Friendly Holiday Park


Bonus Reason: GOOD VIBES


We grew up in the 70’s and want to keep the spirit of the 70’s and vibes of positivity and friendship flowing through the youth of today. We believe in good old-fashioned fun for families, enabling you to unplug, recharge and reconnect with one another and leave us with lots of treasured memories.


We’ve probably not covered all the reasons why you should make us your UK summer holiday destination but hopefully we’ve given you enough to be curious. So this is a ‘Top Ten’ with a proviso – that you come and discover the rest of the reasons for yourself!


Tell us in the comments what you think about our holiday park. Are you excited about the changes? What matters to you most about a holiday park? Let us know what you think as we are always looking for ways to improve.


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