Sometimes going camping can be quite stressful in itself, pair that with the kids and you have a recipe for a bad time. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, with these tips you should find your experience to be much more pleasant.

Be organised:

Kids are stressful, it’s a given. Keeping things simple and organised makes your life a hell of a lot easier when you get to your campsite. Make sure you have everything before you set off as there is nothing worse than leaving one of the kids favourite toys at home. For example, make sure you have the kids’ bags packed way in advance so you don’t leave anything at home. When you arrive at the campsite make sure you have sufficient room to lay everything out in an organised fashion so you know where everything is.

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Have a backup plan if it rains:

Raining can put a downer on everything we do especially when it comes to camping. Let’s be honest, when does it not rain in England? Due to reliable old England it’s important to make sure you have alternate plans in place in case it does rain and you can’t really leave the camp. For instance, take some board or card games with you to keep yourself and the kids distracted. If you can afford to do it you could go off-site and plan a trip somewhere indoors such as bowling. If you’re camping near Goole or Doncaster Astrabound is a good place to take the kids. It’s an indoor play area which will be sure to tire them out.

Indoor Playground

Make sure you have food they like:

If you like to cook your own food when you go camping make sure you take the kids favourite food. There’s nothing worse than a mardy child who can’t eat some chips that they like. Also, when you go camping you’re there to have a good time so you don’t really want to be arguing with your children for the majority of the time.


Take appropriate clothing:

Appropriate clothing is essential when you go camping. You don’t want the kids to get too warm or too cold so make sure you pack for every weather type. It’s also a good idea to take little thermals and waterproofs as the kids might want to splash about in the puddles. Make sure you also take plenty of clothes because children tend to get dirty pretty easily, somehow, especially when you go camping (I know it doesn’t make sense to me either).



A football or another form of entertainment is the difference between getting your tent and car unpacked in 30 minutes opposed to 4 hours. Kids are little energetic things so they’ll cause you all sorts of problems when you’re trying to put up the tent. I recommend taking a football but alternatively you could take something like a cricket set.



If the kids of today are anything like I used to be they’ll get cold often especially in a tent with no central heating or radiators to keep them warm. Blankets are your lifesavers when it comes to kids and their warmth. Kids are more prone to feel cold than us adults so it’s a good idea to take quite a few blankets for them to wrap up in, an electric blanket is a good idea if you have a source of power.



Kids, they’re unstoppable running machines fuelled by fruit shoots and Peppa Pig yoghurts. On the one hand, it’s good that they run around so that they tire themselves out but on the other hand it will mucky up your tent. Get them easy to put on and take off footwear such as slip ons and Velcro shoes, you’ll be thanking me when your tent is spotless.

Kids shoes


That’s all we have time for, stay posted for more content here.

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