Pet friendly holiday park essential planning

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It is ESSENTIAL to plan.

If you are travelling to a pet friendly holiday park, there are many things to consider to ensure that your dog has the best trip possible. After all, it is their holiday too!

Planning is essential. Don’t “wing it”, make sure that you are planning to pack your pets bag as much as you are yours. You certainly won’t want to forget a pet essential. Pets are used to routine, so forgetting their pet essentials when travelling to a pet friendly holiday park could be incredibly disruptive. For example, if you don’t pack enough dog food, there’s no guarantee that the pet food sold at your holiday destination will be the same. We all know how picky our furry friends can be.

Plan for the journey

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Practice makes perfect

You may be travelling a distance to visit your dog friendly holiday park. This means that your furry friend will need preparing to ensure that you don’t have any accidents on your journey. We would suggest having a trial trip in the car so that your dog is used to the environment. Fill your boot with familiar objects so that your furry friend is as comfortable as possible. Put a blanket in that smells of home and their favourite toys to keep them occupied on the way to camping. Trial runs give you a feel of how your dog will cope with the journey and prepares you for the possible issues you may face on the way.

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The worst case scenario

Whether house trained or not, your pet may feel extra anxious during your journey as they will be in an unfamiliar place. Therefore, we would suggest packing their car space with puppy pads just in case any little accidents happen on the way. You can purchase these at most supermarkets and pet stores. This is the worse case scenario and you should still plan for frequent pit stops to let your dog out to stretch their legs and do their business outside.

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Distractions in the car

Distracting your furry friend allows you to have as much of a peaceful journey as possible. After all, the kids and big kids will be doing enough arguing and complaining on the journey, you don’t need more barking. Distract your furry friends with toys and treats on the way so that they are less likely to be uncomfortable and loud. We suggest not heavy treats, as we want to prevent motion sickness. Food puzzles are a great way to keep your pet distracted without being too harsh on their stomach. Find a recommended food puzzle here, where you can choose your dog’s favourite treat to fill it with.

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Pre- travel necessities

Feed your pet earlier than normal. Your pet needs to be fed a light meal at least 2 hours before your journey. This is to prevent motion sickness and an upset belly on the journey. Additionally, tire your furry friend out. Go on a long walk or play with them in the garden. This will help tire them out so that they can sleep through some of the journey and be less agitated. Furthermore, make sure this isn’t straight before the journey, again give them time to guzzle some water and do their business. This also will prevent an upset stomach on the way and will mean they have had a toilet break before the journey.


vet visit before pet friendly holiday park

Fit and healthy

When visiting a pet friendly holiday park, such as Epworth, you want your pet to be fit and well. This is due to the huge walking trails that are available to explore. Take your furry friend with you on your strolls and adventure into the Lincolnshire woodlands. Take your dog for their annual check ups and ensure that they are up to date on their jabs. There will be other animals there too!

If your dog has any specific dietary requirements, make sure to bring all of the necessities. Additionally, it is always best to be prepared on your journeys and map out where the nearest pet store and vets are, just in case. If you are staying at Epworth Fields Holiday Park, the directions to the nearest pet shop, Mad About Pets, are here.

Furthermore, our nearest vet is, Medivet The Vet:



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Making your pet friendly holiday park a home

No matter how long you are staying at your pet friendly holiday park for, you want it to feel comfortable and homely as much as possible. this also applies to your dog! It is known that dogs can get nervous in unfamiliar territory. Therefore, it needs to be as homely as possible. Bring some items from home with you and lay them out for your furry friend to smell and have some home comforts. Additionally, give them time to explore the new area. This will let them adventure into the new smells, allowing them to be more aware of their surroundings. This will be a godsend when trying to get them to sleep at night.

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Outdoor activities

Visiting Lincolnshire allows you to explore the beautiful countryside near Doncaster. Don’t leave your pet at your holiday home, bring them to explore with you. there are many walking pathways around so let your furry friend venture out with you. Bring games for the family and a toy for your pet to play fetch with! This will create lifelong memories for you and your family.

Helpful tips

We would suggest bringing your pet with you to Epworth Fields Holiday Park. It is fun for all the family. Dogs are definitely a part of your family. With a huge variety of walking trails, they will love it.

Our main helpful tip would be to create a checklist. We have created one with the main necessities needed for a harmonious holiday, as you will see below.

chceklist for dogs when travelling to a pet friendly holiday park

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