Temporary Housing Solution For Homebuyers

Our temporary housing solution is perfect for those looking for short-term accommodation rentals due to an ongoing property purchase.

Finding yourself in between homes can be stressful, but our temporary housing solution offers a comfortable and convenient option for homebuyers in transition or awaiting the completion of their new property.

Our temporary accommodation for homeless families provides a welcoming and fully furnished space where you can reside comfortably while navigating the complexities of the home-buying process. Whether you’re waiting for your new home to be built, finalising paperwork, or simply in need of month-to-month temporary housing, we offer flexible short-term leases to suit your needs.

Located in North Lincolnshire, our short-term accommodation rentals provide all the comforts of home, including modern amenities and convenient access to local facilities. Whether you’re relocating to a new area or simply need a temporary base, our temporary housing solutions offer a convenient and stress-free solution during this transitional period.

Who our temporary housing solution is perfect for?

Our temporary housing solution is designed to provide comfort, convenience, and flexibility for homebuyers in these situations, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition between homes. Our temporary housing solution for homebuyers is perfect for individuals and families in various situations, including:

Homebuyers Waiting for Completion: Those who have purchased a new property but are waiting for paperwork to be completed before they can move in.

Relocating Homebuyers: Individuals or families who have relocated to a new area for work or personal reasons and need a temporary housing solution while searching for their next permanent home.

Homebuyers Facing Delays: Homebuyers who are facing unexpected delays in the completion of their new home due to issues such as legal processes, financing, or construction delays.

Temporary Housing During Sale: Homeowners who have sold their previous property but are awaiting the completion of their new home and require temporary accommodation for homeless families in the interim.

First-Time Buyers: First-time buyers who are navigating the complexities of the home buying process and require temporary accommodation while they secure their first property.

Individuals Downsizing or Upsizing: Homeowners who are downsizing or upsizing their property and need temporary accommodation while they transition between homes.

Homebuyers Relocating for Work: Individuals or families who are relocating to a new area for work purposes and need a temporary accommodation solution while they settle into their new job and search for a permanent home.

Homebuyers Renovating Their Property: Homeowners who have purchased a property that requires renovations or refurbishments before they can move in and need temporary accommodation during the renovation process.

International Homebuyers: Expats who are relocating from overseas and require temporary accommodation while they navigate the home-buying process in a new country.


Benefits Of Using Our Short-Term Accommodation Rentals

The month-to-month temporary housing options at Epworth Fields play a vital role in supporting individuals and families that need short-term accommodation until a more permanent setting is finalised. The benefits of our short-term accommodation rentals include:

  • Flexibility: Our short-term accommodation rentals offer flexibility to home buyers who may encounter delays or unforeseen circumstances during the home-buying process. Whether you need a temporary solution for a few weeks or a few months, our rentals can accommodate your needs.
  • Convenience: Our rentals provide a convenient option for home buyers who require temporary housing while waiting for their new property to be ready for occupancy. Located in convenient areas, our accommodations offer easy access to amenities and transportation options.
  • Comfort: We understand that the home-buying process can be stressful, which is why our rentals are designed to provide comfort and relaxation. With fully furnished interiors and modern amenities, you can enjoy a comfortable stay during this transitional period.
  • Cost-Effective: Renting short-term accommodation can be a cost-effective alternative to staying in hotels or extended-stay accommodations. Our rentals offer competitive rates and flexible leasing options, allowing you to save money while waiting for your new home.
  • Space: Our rentals provide ample space for home buyers and their families, offering multiple bedrooms, living areas, and kitchen facilities. 
  • Stress-Free Transition: By providing a temporary home-away-from-home, our rentals make the transition between homes smoother and more manageable. You can focus on finalising the details of your new home without worrying about where to stay in the meantime.
  • Community: Our short-term accommodation rentals often foster a sense of community among residents, providing opportunities to meet and connect with others on-site.
  • Peace of Mind: With our rentals, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a comfortable and reliable place to stay while waiting for your new home. 


What’s on offer?

Situated in the heart of Epworth, amidst peaceful surroundings, our temporary accommodation offers a comforting retreat for those in the midst of a home purchase.

Crafted to provide immediate respite, our facility welcomes individuals and families for short-term stays, for those waiting for their next property to become available. With inviting interiors and essential amenities, we offer a secure and relaxing environment amid the trying circumstances of purchasing a new home.

We have 5 rural cottages to rent short or long-term. Each rental cottage is exquisitely furnished and comes fully equipped to provide a true “home-away-from-home” experience – No matter if you are staying a month or 6!

Learn more about our cottages for rent:


What’s included in our accommodation?

  • Fully Furnished Accommodation
  • Affordable Rentals
  • Modern Decor and Facilities
  • Free Parking
  • WiFi Included
  • Onsite Food and Drink Options
  • Onsite Security
  • Quiet Environment
  • Near to local amenities
  • Laundry Room

About Epworth Fields...

Nestled within 12 and a half acres of serene, secluded grounds, our holiday park in Lincolnshire is enveloped by expansive countryside, inviting guests to embark on numerous breathtaking scenic walks throughout their stay. Embraced by the natural splendour of Lincolnshire, visitors can immerse themselves in picturesque hikes and outdoor pursuits, while basking in the tranquil atmosphere.

Epworth Fields Holiday Park in Lincolnshire provides a charming haven for those in search of a peaceful and pleasurable escape. Our idyllic park caters to diverse preferences – whether you crave the snugness of a cottage or the luxury of a lodge, we have an option tailored to you!

Epworth Fields Holiday Park promises an ideal setting for forging enduring memories and savouring a truly invigorating holiday experience.