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Emergency Temporary Accommodation

Our short-term emergency accommodation is perfect for anyone whose main accommodation is unexpectedly taken out of action and emergency accommodation is needed.

Emergency Temporary Accommodation refers to short-term housing provided to individuals or families facing sudden and urgent circumstances that leave them without a safe place to stay. The purpose of Emergency Temporary Accommodation is to provide immediate shelter and support to those in need until they can secure more stable and permanent housing solutions.

Nestled in the heart of North Lincolnshire, our emergency crisis accommodation is perfectly suited for people in need of quick accommodation in the event of any emergency. Providing a safe space with all the essentials you would normally have to make your stay enjoyable and stress-free. 

From well-appointed kitchens to cosy bedrooms, each temp housing is furnished to ensure your comfort and convenience throughout your contract period. Our Emergency Temporary Accommodation plays a crucial role in providing temporary relief and assistance to those facing housing emergencies, ensuring that they have a safe and supportive environment to turn to during times of crisis until things settle down


Who our emergency temporary housing is perfect for?

Our emergency temporary housing provides a safe, supportive, and dignified environment for individuals and families facing these challenging circumstances.  Our emergency temporary housing is perfect for individuals and families who find themselves in urgent need of shelter due to unforeseen circumstances. This includes:

Victims of Emergencies: If a property has burnt down or flooded and has become uninhabitable, emergency temporary housing is needed.

Victims of Natural Disasters: Those who have been displaced from their homes due to events such as floods, storms, or wildfires.

Individuals Escaping Domestic Violence: People who are fleeing abusive situations and require immediate refuge in a safe and secure environment.

Homeless Individuals: Individuals who are experiencing homelessness and require emergency accommodation while they work towards securing more stable housing options.

Families Facing Eviction: Families who are at risk of losing their homes due to eviction or other housing-related crises and need temporary housing while they resolve their situation.

Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Individuals and families who have been forced to leave their homes due to persecution, conflict, or other humanitarian crises and require temporary shelter as they navigate the asylum process.

Displaced Persons: Those who have been temporarily displaced from their homes due to reasons such as building renovations, unsafe living conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Young People Leaving Care: Young adults who have aged out of the care system and require temporary accommodation and support as they transition to independent living.

People Facing Financial Hardship: Individuals and families experiencing sudden financial crises, such as job loss, unexpected expenses, or income disruption, that have led to housing instability.

Elderly or Vulnerable Adults: Elderly individuals or vulnerable adults who are at risk of homelessness due to factors such as isolation, health issues, or caregiver challenges and require temporary accommodation for their safety and well-being.

Ex-offenders: Individuals who have recently been released from prison and require temporary accommodation and support to reintegrate into society and establish stable living arrangements.

Families Experiencing Family Breakdown: Families facing breakdowns in relationships or familial support systems that have resulted in housing instability and the need for temporary accommodation while they navigate challenging circumstances.


Benefits Of Using Our Emergency Accommodation

The emergency temporary housing at Epworth Fields plays a vital role in supporting individuals and families that need emergency crisis accommodation immediately. The benefits of our short-term emergency accommodation include:

  • Immediate Shelter: Our emergency accommodation offers immediate shelter to individuals and families facing crises, ensuring they have a safe and secure place to stay during times of need.
  • Safety and Security: Our monitored environment has appropriate security measures to ensure the well-being of our guests.
  • Basic Amenities: Our accommodation provides essential amenities such as beds, bedding,a stocked kitchen to ensure residents have their basic needs met.
  • Community Engagement: Our accommodation fosters a sense of community among residents, providing opportunities for social interaction and support during challenging times.
  • Flexible Stay: We understand that emergencies can be unpredictable, which is why we offer flexible stay options tailored to the individual needs of each resident, offering stays for the duration required to stabilise their situation.
  • Transition Support: Our Lincolnshire emergency accommodation allows residents to transition from the emergency accommodation to more stable and permanent housing with flexibility in how long this takes.
  • Peace of Mind: By providing immediate shelter, our short-term emergency accommodation offers peace of mind during times of crisis, allowing them to focus on addressing their immediate needs and planning for their future.


What’s on offer?

Located in the heart of Epworth, amidst serene surroundings, our emergency accommodation provides a welcoming haven during times of crisis.

Designed to offer immediate relief, our facility is open for short-term stays, ensuring individuals and families facing urgent situations find refuge without delay. With comfortable interiors and essential amenities, we aim to provide a safe and supportive environment during challenging times.

After a tumultuous day, find solace in our cosy common areas or take a moment to gather your thoughts in the tranquillity of our surroundings. Reserve your stay with us today and experience the reassurance and care of North Lincolnshire during difficult times. We’re dedicated to offering a comforting and secure stay as you navigate through your temporary challenges.

We have 5 rural cottages to rent long-term. Each rental cottage is exquisitely furnished and comes fully equipped to provide a true “home-away-from-home” experience – No matter if you are staying a month or 6!

Learn more about our cottages for rent:


What’s included in our accommodation?

  • Fully Furnished Accommodation
  • Affordable Rentals
  • Modern Decor and Facilities
  • Free Parking
  • WiFi Included
  • Onsite Food and Drink Options
  • Onsite Security
  • Quiet Environment
  • Near to local amenities
  • Laundry Room