Temporary Traveller and Backpacker Accommodation

Long-term accommodation for those exploring the UK on a backpacking or travel adventure may seek temporary accommodation during their travels.

If you’re seeking a comfortable and affordable place to stay during your travels across northern England, look no further. Our short-term rentals for travellers are designed with the modern traveller in mind, offering convenience, flexibility, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Located in the heart of North Lincolnshire, our establishment provides a range of lodging options to suit your needs, whether you’re travelling solo, with friends, or as part of a group. Our backpacker houses, offer a range of amenities to enhance your stay, including kitchens, spacious common areas and plenty of outdoor space to socialise with fellow travellers.


Who Is Our Backpacker Accommodation Perfect For?

Our backpacker accommodation caters to anyone looking for an affordable, welcoming, and sociable place to stay while exploring the wonders of the world. Our backpacker apartments are perfect for a diverse range of travellers who share a common desire for adventure, affordability, and a sense of community. It’s ideal for:

  • Backpackers: Individuals or groups travelling on a budget who prefer the camaraderie and social atmosphere of shared accommodation.
  • Solo Travellers: Those exploring the world on their own who appreciate the opportunity to meet like-minded travellers and make new friends.
  • Budget-conscious Travellers: People who want to stretch their travel budget without sacrificing comfort or safety.
  • Gap Year Students: Students who are taking a break between studies to travel and explore new destinations.
  • Adventure Seekers: Travellers who are more interested in experiencing local culture, activities, and adventures than in luxury accommodation.
  • Long-term Travellers: Individuals embarking on extended trips or round-the-world adventures who need affordable and flexible accommodation options.
  • Cultural Immersion Enthusiasts: Travellers who value authentic experiences and enjoy connecting with locals and fellow travellers from around the world.


Benefits Of Using Our Backpacker Apartments

Choosing our backpacker accommodation comes with a myriad of benefits tailored to enhance your travel experience:

  • Affordability: Enjoy budget-friendly rates that allow you to stretch your travel budget further, leaving you with more funds to explore and experience the destination.
  • Social Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of fellow travellers from around the globe, fostering friendships, sharing stories, and creating unforgettable memories.
  • Convenience: Our central location puts you within easy reach of popular attractions across Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, transportation hubs, dining options, and nightlife, allowing you to make the most of your time with us.
  • Amenities: Benefit from essential amenities such as kitchens, laundry facilities to keep your wardrobe fresh, and common areas to relax, unwind, and connect with fellow travellers.
  • Local Knowledge: Tap into the expertise of our friendly staff who are always on hand to provide insider tips, recommendations, and assistance with local activities, and transportation.
  • Safety and Security: Rest assured knowing that our accommodation prioritises the safety and security of guests, with measures in place to ensure a comfortable and worry-free stay.
  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle by staying in a backpacker accommodation that offers authentic experiences and opportunities to connect with locals.
  • Memorable Experiences: Whether it’s sharing travel tales around the communal fire pit, embarking on group excursions, or simply enjoying the camaraderie of fellow travellers, staying in our backpacker rentals guarantees a memorable and enriching travel experience.

What’s on offer?

Our backpacker rental accommodation offers inviting interiors and essential amenities, a secure, restful place to relax. Situated in the heart of Epworth, amidst peaceful surroundings, our backpacker houses offer a restful retreat from days exploring the local area.

We have 5 rural cottages to rent long-term. Each cottage is exquisitely furnished and comes fully equipped to provide a true “home-away-from-home” experience – No matter if you are staying a month or 6!

Learn more about our cottages for rent:


What’s included in our accommodation?

  • Fully Furnished Accommodation
  • Affordable Rentals
  • Modern Decor and Facilities
  • Free Parking
  • WiFi Included
  • Onsite Food and Drink Options
  • Onsite Security
  • Quiet Environment
  • Near to local amenities
  • Laundry Room

About Epworth Fields...

Nestled within 12 and a half acres of serene, secluded grounds, our holiday park in Lincolnshire is enveloped by expansive countryside, inviting guests to embark on numerous breathtaking scenic walks throughout their stay. Embraced by the natural splendour of Lincolnshire, visitors can immerse themselves in picturesque hikes and outdoor pursuits, while basking in the tranquil atmosphere.

Epworth Fields Holiday Park in Lincolnshire provides a charming haven for those in search of a peaceful and pleasurable escape. Our idyllic park caters to diverse preferences – whether you crave the snugness of a cottage or the luxury of a lodge, we have an option tailored to you!

Epworth Fields Holiday Park promises an ideal setting for forging enduring memories and savouring a truly invigorating holiday experience.