*Luxury Lodges available for immediate ownership*

Long Term Accommodation at Epworth Fields

Should you find yourself in a situation where you are needing to secure long-term accommodation, then please look no further than Epworth Fields. We have accommodation options for people in any situation.

Contract Workers

Our temp housing accommodation for contract workers is perfect for workers needing temporary housing for their contract length.

Emergency Accomodation

Our emergency accommodation is for anyone whose main home is unexpectedly taken out of action.


Our temporary expat accommodation is designed to cater for people who have just more to or back to the UK from abroad.


Our temporary housing solution is perfect for those looking for short-term accommodation rentals due to an ongoing property purchase.

House Renovators

Our house renovation temporary accommodation is perfect for people undergoing home renovations and in need of a short-term property let.


Our long-term accommodation for business people is designed to cater to the discerning needs of business travellers.

Seasonal Workers

Our accommodation for seasonal workers is designed to cater to the accommodation needs of workers – whether it be summer or winter time.


Our off-campus affordable accommodation for students is perfect for learners looking for long or short-stay student accommodation.


Our emergency accommodation for families is perfect for people in transit facing delays or accommodation being available at their next destination.


Our long-term cottage rentals are perfect for holidaying tourists to explore our local area, and further afield, in their own time fully.