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Read our blog on the essential tips for travelling and camping with your family, during the school holidays.

School’s out for the holidays, you should be too!

School's out, time to visit a family holiday park

School’s out so why not get yourselves out into the Lincolnshire Wildlife?!

Visit a family holiday park during the school holidays and explore nature at its finest. Epworth Fields is the perfect place to visit during holiday time. It is a great opportunity for you to bond as a family, escape the worries of the world and take a step back from technology. Read on to find out our top tips to camping in the holidays.

What are the benefits of camping?

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Camping is a known stress reliever. Being in the open outdoors and exploring, will allow you to de-stress and relax this holiday period. With plenty of activities available, camping might just be the right option for you. The main benefit of camping is the memories that you will make from your adventures. From pitching your tent to snuggling up around the campfire, you will gain precious family memories.

In addition, there are many lessons to be learned when camping with children, including survival techniques and how to respect the environment.

Camping with children

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Bringing your family to a family holiday park will ensure that you gain memories that will last a lifetime. Plan ahead so that your trip is as plain sailing as possible.

Bringing your children camping with you can be challenging to say the least. In order to ensure that your holiday is as relaxing and fun for you as it is for them, boundaries need to be set. In addition, you will need to plan. Following our helpful tips should ensure that your holiday is as smooth running and fun as possible.


Pack everything separately

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Packing in separate bags may help ensure that you don’t forget to pack anything.

As you will be packing for the whole family, you will benefit by packing everything separately. Get a carrier bag for each day you will be camping and pack an outfit in each one. This helps to ensure you have enough clothes and also a waterproof bag there to put your washing in to keep other clothes clean and dry.

Set some ground rules

Children tend to get excited in new surroundings and will be tempted to wander off to explore. By setting some ground rules, you can ensure that they know where they can and can’t go. While doing this, you can discuss a meeting point for if they do get lost. This ensures that you will be able to find each other if separated.

Bring toys and games along with you

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Bring some fun outdoor activities to pass time at the holiday park.

So that your kids don’t take it upon themselves to wander off and explore the woodlands by themselves, bring things to occupy them. Don’t bring too many toys as you will still want them to explore nature but bringing an activity book for the journey and a ball game or two, will ensure that they still stay active during your holiday.

Ensure you are warm and comfortable during your stay

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There are many tips on how you can stay warm when camping at a family holiday park. Read on to discover more!

If you are camping in a family holiday park, you will need to ensure that your nights are spent comfortably sleeping. There’s nothing worse than a cranky child on holiday! Camping is incredibly difficult without a decent nights sleep. One way of ensuring that you’re comfortable is by staying warm. Especially at this time of year, you’ll want all the tips you can get. Firstly, make sure that your sleeping bag is thick and well insulated. This can be done by adding a sleeping bag liner or by stuffing your spare clothes into your sleeping back with you, for extra warmth. Additionally, you will definitely need to make sure that you aren’t sleeping on the ground. Have a roll mat or air bed to ensure that your body heat isn’t lost through the ground.

Stay hydrated and eat well


Make sure to stay hydrated and energised during your stay.

During your camping experience, you will be doing a lot of exercise such as walking. This requires extra energy. Ensure that you stay hydrated and eat plenty. Yes, you heard right, we’re telling you to eat more (you’re welcome). When you are cold, your body burns more calories in an attempt to keep you warm. We would suggest eating little and often. Healthy snacks, such as carrot sticks, can be bagged up and brought along for your days out. We would also suggest making sure that you have a hearty breakfast to start the day so that you are ready for the day ahead. Enjoy frequent warm meals with your family.


Bring plenty of lights


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Make sure to bring lights when camping- especially at this time of year.

This time of year is a pain for getting dark early in the afternoon and still being dark when you wake up in the morning. Bring plenty of lights so that you aren’t trying to stumble to the loo in darkness- it might just save you an embarrassing moment!


Plan your days out beforehand to prevent disruption

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When travelling to a family holiday park, planning will save the day. Although spontaneous trips are exciting and adventurous, when travelling with the family, it can be disastrous. If you plan lightly, what you will be doing each day, it allows for flexibility. Come up with a list of ideas to inspire you on activities that you could do on your trip. This allows for options, especially when the weather may ruin certain day plans. Having a variety of choices will mean that you can adjust your plans when necessary. Take a look at our list of family days out near Epworth fields here. 

If you are interested in camping with us at Epworth Fields Holiday Park, take a look at the touring and camping options that we have available here.

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