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Making The Long Car Journeys More Bearable

“Are we nearly there yet?” These words echo in every car journey with your family, especially the longer ones to family holiday cottages. Whether 2 minutes or 2 hours, you’re going to hear the same repetitive complaints from your bored, impatient children. Don’t fear, we are here to help. You will find below a list of games and activities, perfect for the family holiday car journeys to come. This might just be a sanity saviour for you. We understand that family holidays can be stressful to organise, which is why our list will help you to keep your children occupied on the longer journeys.

Travelling To Family Holiday Cottages Has Never Been More Blissful

On your journeys to your family holiday cottages, play some car games and pack activities for your children to do to ensure that your journey is blissful.

Here is a list of 9 ideas for your journey activities:

Family holiday cottages games

1. Eye Spy

You know this classic game. This is an all time favourite and never fails as a distraction. While you’re in the car, take it in turns finding an object to scout and give the first letter of the word it begins with. This can have you guessing for hours and brings out the competitor within you. Can you remember playing this as a child? You’ll be surprised at what words they come up with. Additionally, this is a great way to get you family to take note of their surroundings. It is also a great way of getting younger children to learn their sounds and spellings by thinking about the spelling of certain words.

Family holiday cottages games

2. Road Trip Bingo

Never heard of it? This is an easy game, perfect and effortless. Give your family a list of things to look out for on the journey. As they find each thing, get them to cross it off of your list and the first one to get a full list crossed off wins. Again, this is the perfect game to ensure your children are aware of their surroundings. You will also find that the competitive side of you will get the better of you . Remember, it’s politer to let them win! You’ll find that keeping the younger ones focused on their surroundings will keep them quieter for a while and distract them from the long journey. They won’t want to miss their object so will more likely be looking out the window rather than bickering.

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3. Bring Along A Portable DVD Player Or Tablet

Longer journeys tend to make everyone tired out, especially the younger ones! Set them up with a DVD player of some kind. You will find this a life saver when trying to get them to nap on the journey. They can watch their favourite TV channel or movie and settle down, leaving you and the driver to focus on the journey and plans ahead. While they’re sleeping, you can plan your family holiday cottage activities and plan of actions for once you get there. If you need some inspiration, take a look at our family holiday activity page here.

Family holiday cottages games

4. I Went To The Shops

This is a primary school favourite. You will find that most children know the rules of this game as it is a great way of testing memory. You may even struggle to keep up with their impressive memory (we’ll put this down to holiday tiredness and not age) . The rules are simple. Begin with the first letter of the alphabet and say “I went to the shops and bought…” followed by a product beginning with A. This then needs to be recited and followed with a product beginning with B and so on. This is a great way to get your brains going and keeping you occupied on your journey.

Family holiday cottages games

5. Spot The Car

Pick a colour, set a point system and you are good to go. For example yellow. Yellow cars are 5 points, lorries are 10 and bikes are 20! See who can get the most points and win the game. You could even create a forfeit for the losers. This is a great way to allow some healthy family competition during your visit. The only rule is: new journey, new game.

Family holiday cottages games

6. Yes/No Game

This one is a brain teaser. Don’t use the words yes or know. Sounds easy? Try it. You’ll be surprised how difficult this game is when you get going. Ask your car passengers questions and see how creative they can be when answering without the words yes or no.

Family holiday cottages games

7. Bicker Tricker

This one is probably the most important. Prevent the arguments. All siblings bicker and it simply agitates everyone involved. Play this rewarding game to prevent the bickering as much as possible. Provide little incentives and every time there is a bicker, remove one. For example, have 10 chocolate coins and have one removed every time a complaint or bicker occurs. The winner is who has the most chocolates left at the end of the journey.

Family holiday cottages games

8. Activity Book

Whether you are camping, on the way to an airport, holiday home or family holiday cottages, activity books are life savers. Pack a few coloured pens/ pencils and give the children activity books. When bored or you need them to stay still on your trip, these are perfect. Try to get variety packs as they tend to work better than a book filled with one kind of activity. The diversity and increased amount of options allows your children to move on to different activities as they get bored of certain ones. Find a great link to activity books here.

Family holiday cottages games

9. Portable Games

Bring along a portable game. Whether on a tablet , Gameboy or Nintendo, this may help to keep your little ones quiet for a while. Obviously, as parents you may want them to spend less times on screens. You can limit their time spent on the device and combine this option with some of the others mentioned to ensure your journey is as peaceful as possible.

We hope that this list helped you to ensure that your travels are as sane as possible.


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