In my quest to find the perfect, essential, can’t live without camping item I’ve finally found it, it’s a tent! Or, it could be a vacuum bag (it’s definitely a vacuum bag).

Vacuum bags are the best! If there is one thing I’ll be taking with me when I go camping near Doncaster it’s my brand new vacuum bag. Although they aren’t as popular in the UK as they are in the US, vacuum bags help to maximise space by reducing the size of items threefold.

Vacuum bag - Camping near Doncaster

If you’re indecisive like me it’s hard to decide what to put in the car. When you go camping near Doncaster you have to decide how many shotguns, knives and air rifles to take with you (okay maybe not that but a bat never hurts, right?). On a real though, I always want to include games for my niece and nephew but never have enough space in the car to put them in. With the introduction of vacuum bags, I’m able to include their favourite games such as swingball, cricket and even football tennis.

Vacuum bags work by removing air from the bag which compresses them down 2/3x the original size. Some bags are able to reduce pillows, duvet covers and bed sheets to fit in a 40cm by 40 cm bag. The fact that these things are able to fit into a bag that is incredibly small saves a significant amount of room in your car and also your tent. To see how to use a vacuum bag follow this link:

Due to vacuum bags being scarce in the UK there’s only a small amount of trustworthy retailers that stock them. I’ve found John Lewis to be the best at a reasonable cost.

To conclude, vacuum bags allow you to pack extra things in your car by reducing the air inside the bags which reduces the size. If you ever wanted to take that extra camping now’s the time to get yourself a vacuum bag.

That’s all for this blog, I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned here for more blogs.

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