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Epworth holiday cottages can be easier for large groups

Epworth holiday cottages can be the easier option when choosing to stay with us. We are aware that camping can be a lot to handle, especially when you are travelling in large groups or have young children with you. That shouldn’t mean that you have to miss out though, which is why we offer our Epworth holiday cottages. There are many benefits to opting for the self- catering option, and we are going to explore just 6 of them!

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1. A home away from home

We understand that planning a holiday can be stressful, which is why we offer our “home away from home” option, otherwise known as our Epworth holiday cottages. Enjoy simple home comforts in the Lincolnshire countryside. Self-catering allows you to simply pack your clothes and necessary belongings, without having to worry about utensils, cookers or other stressful appliances. You can even save on packing as we offer a coin operated washer/drier, so you can venture into the beautiful countryside without worrying about getting your clothes dirty!

Bringing picky children or having specific dietary requirements can be a pain when going away. Having a self-catering option allows you the freedom to cook your favourite meals at ease, without having to worry about allergies, or preferences. After all, who knows what you like more than yourself?

Self-catering also allows you to eat when you want! You don’t need to be up for a certain time to have your breakfast, like at a hotel. If you want a full english at 1pm, you can. Additionally, you can with ease using a cooker and oven- rather than trying to work a gas stove in a tent.

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2. Ease

When opting for a nature-filled holiday, there are many things to take into account. If you are travelling with your children, opting for self-catering simply gives you the much needed ease of a holiday. After all, it is your holiday as much as anyone else’s, you should be relaxing and enjoying it.

You can get up and explore the wonders of Epworth as and when you wish. Have that needed lay in!

All of your conventional needs are ready and available for you in your accommodation. From linen, towels and kitchen appliances, to outdoor seating, BBQ’s and pay as you go broadband, you simply won’t go without. Add extra beds and cots for children simply, with an additional cost to your package. You simply will have everything you need for an easy stay, at your fingertips.

You can also visit our on site shop, to stock up on your essentials and enjoy our fresh, local stock.

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3. Why are Epworth holiday cottages a better option than hotels?

I will give you the simple answer, it is a more spacious and comfortable option. When booking a hotel, you are restricted. One room is not enough room for you, especially when you are travelling with a group. With our holiday cottages, you will have the space to relax and chill in the lounge. It gives you the freedom to move around and not be restricted to just one room. Additionally, it will let you have more privacy from friends or family. If you are wanting time away from the children or your holiday guests, simply recruit to the bedroom, knowing they are safe and happy in one place. Everyone needs privacy at one point. Read that book you’ve been putting off reading!

If you opted for camping over a cottage, it gives you that authentic camping experience. That isn’t always desired though. Sharing a communal bathroom can be stressful. In our holiday cottages, you can feel at home with your own shower and bath facilities. Camping isn’t for everyone, which is more than ok. Feel comfortable on your holiday and enjoy the comfort of having space.

If you prefer the idea of camping, we have many camping options available, take a look here.

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4. We are pet-friendly

Bring your furry friends! Your animals are welcome to stay with you in our self-catering facilities. Leave home stresses behind and bring the whole family. You won’t need to worry about getting a dog-sitter as they are welcome to explore with you. The Lincolnshire countryside is the perfect place for your animals to explore and join you on your walks. Your facilities will include water and food bowls, treats and toys for your pets so that it is a home away from home for them too! If you have more than one furry friend joining you on your travels, simply let us know when you book. We will accommodate for more than one pet, with a small additional cost. We aim to make your visit as stress-free as possible, after all it is a holiday. Your pets deserve to be spoilt too.

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5. The wonders of electricity

Our cottages add a more luxury experience to your woodland holiday than traditional camping as you get to have readily available electricity and all that comes with it. Your own bathing facilities, toilet, hot water and electricity will allow you to have all comforts from home. Having your own bath/shower facilities means you can clean up after your muddy adventures or fishing trips, quickly and hassle-free. Explore all activities available to you at Epworth here.

We also have a pay as you go broadband option for all of you who can’t last without your technology- it is 2018 after all!

You may think that you will lose the camping experience and fundamentals by opting for Epworth holiday cottages. However, you have outside seating and BBQ so you can still explore the wonders of the nature around you. Have a meal outdoors and cook on a grill, it will bring some amazing childhood memories back!

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6. Amazing value for money

Self-catering allows savings every way you look at it! Save on catering expenses by buying your own food, rather than just going out for meals during your visit. Having the option to have a home-cooked meal will save you food expenses whilst still having the option to venture out for food if you wish. By staying in a holiday cottage, you will save on hotel rates and you will have more space for freedom and flexibility. Additionally, our cottages have several bedrooms so can sleep many, rather than having to pay for multiple hotel rooms.

Epworth holiday cottages are more cost-effective as you won’t need to pay for dry cleaning or laundry services as we have coin operated washer/dryers. Save money on the little things and you will have more to spend on daily activities.


We hope that this helped you to explore all of the benefits that self-catering services have. If you would like to explore all of the options we have available, take a look at our services on our website here.

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