Before you own a holiday lodge what questions should you ask

Before purchasing a holiday lodge, it is important to thoroughly assess various aspects to ensure that the holiday lodge meets your needs and expectations. Here are some key questions to ask before owning a holiday lodge:


Location and Accessibility:

  • Is the location suitable for your preferences, such as proximity to amenities, natural attractions, or recreational activities nearby?
  • How accessible is the holiday lodge, especially during different seasons?


Property Ownership and Legal Considerations:

  • What type of ownership structure is in place for the holiday lodge (e.g., freehold, leasehold)?
  • Are there any legal restrictions or covenants affecting the property?


Planning Permission and Regulations:

  • Has the holiday lodge been granted the necessary planning permissions?
  • Are there any restrictions or regulations on the use of the property?


Maintenance and Management:

  • What are the ongoing maintenance and management requirements for the holiday lodge?
  • Is there a management company in place, and what services do they provide?
  • Are there any regular costings for maintenance or management?


Costs and Fees:

  • What are the initial purchase costs, including taxes and fees?
  • Can I afford to purchase and take on a second property cost? (can you afford 2 mortgages should bookings drop/out of season periods)
  • Are there ongoing fees, such as service charges, maintenance costs, or ground rent?


Rental Potential:

  • If you plan to rent out the holiday lodge, what is the potential rental income?
  • Are there any restrictions on renting out the property?


Community and Facilities:

  • What amenities and facilities are available within the holiday lodge community?
  • Are there communal areas, recreational spaces, or shared services?

Utilities and Infrastructure:

  • How are utilities (electricity, water, heating) managed for the property?
  • Is the infrastructure, including roads and access, in place or well-maintained?


Resale Value:

  • What is the historical trend in property values in the area?
  • Are there factors that could affect the future resale value of the holiday lodge?
  • How long are you planning to keep the property?



  • What type of insurance coverage is required for the holiday lodge?
  • Are there any specific considerations for holiday property insurance?


Local Regulations and Environment:

  • Are there any specific environmental considerations for the area you are considering, such as flood risks or conservation regulations?
  • What local regulations might impact the use and enjoyment of the property?


Financing Options:

  • What financing options are available for purchasing the holiday lodge?
  • Are there any restrictions on obtaining a mortgage for this type of property?


Future Development Plans:

  • Are there any upcoming developments or construction projects in the vicinity that could affect the property value or your experience?

Taking the time to thoroughly investigate can help you make an informed decision on whether lodge ownership is for you or not. 

Holiday Lodges at Epworth Fields 

Holiday Lodge ownership at Epworth Fields can offer you a full 365 days of leisure use, meaning you can be at Epworth Fields whenever you like. We have a variety of luxury holiday lodges for sale near Lincoln on selected plots in our first phase. Please contact our team to find out more and choose your perfect holiday park home.