When going on a camping trip we can’t think of everything. This list comprises 8 ideas that you might not have thought of before.

Prepare a first aid kit:

A first aid kit should be a necessity in every day life especially when going camping. It’s important you have a first aid kit that can help to heal minor scratches, disinfect wounds and sew up any large cuts. If you’re on a campsite it shouldn’t be too much of an issue as there will be a first aider on site and you’ll have better access to an ambulance. However, if you go out for a walk in the woods where there is no quick access to medical care it’s important you have a first aid kit to cover everything.

First aid kit

Shower caps:

Shower caps are actually quite useful when it comes to camping. As well as keeping your hair dry when having a shower, they can be quite useful for covering up food and footwear. Placing a shower cap over bowls of food can help to make the food last longer, prevents food from falling on the floor and protects it against flies and other insects meaning you have one less problem to worry about.

Shower Cap

Create your own grill or get a disposable BBQ:

Nothing tastes better than a good steak and burger cooked up on a barbecue. Most campsites in and around Doncaster don’t have barbecues so it’s important you take your own whether it be a home made barbecue or a disposable barbecue. Epworth Fields provide you with a gas barbecue so there’s no need for you to bring one, just simply relax and cook away.


Spices in pill container:

If you’re a spice guy like myself you’ll understand the pain of having bland food especially whilst camping. Taking advantage of a pill container can pay dividends when it comes to cooking food. Personally, this is one of the first things I grab whilst going camping. I usually keep salt, pepper, mixed herbs, chilli flakes, paprika, Chinese 5 spice and garlic powder in my pill container. With these spices I can create a fantastic tasting steak, a basic curry, mouth-watering chips and a whole lot more. Of course, you’re not limited to one pill container so you can take more than 7 spices. A pill container means your spices are less likely to spill everywhere and you don’t have to haul around 7 jars of spice.


Keep your tent clean with a dustpan and brush:

Not much to this one really. Kids and the outdoors, as we know, create all sorts of problems so it’s important we clean up after them, like always. Holiday parks near Lincolnshire are known for playing host to the muckiest kids so make sure you grab your dustpan and brush when you visit. After all, a clean tent is a happy tent.

Dustpan- Camping near Lincolnshire

Pool noodle around tent lines:

Pool noodles are incredibly useful and beneficial for when you go camping. They can be used for things such as: Helping the kids swim, noodle fights, protecting people from falling over and much more. Although it might seem a bit strange and daft carrying around pool noodles once you start using them you’ll find yourself thinking how you camped without them.

Pool Noodle

Glow sticks for kids and tent lines:

A great way to see the kids in the dark is to get them to wear glow stick bands. When we let the kids loose at night it can be quite daunting and worrying to think that they could get lost in the never-ending darkness. Not only can you see the kids in the dark but they can also see in the dark which reduces their chances of getting lost and tripping over things.

Not only are glow sticks and bands useful for kids but you can also put them on the tent lines so people know where they are. The glow should be bright enough so that people can see them and stop themselves from tripping over the lines.

Glow bands

Solar stake lights:

Sticking with light sources, there have been too many times where I’ve gone camping near Doncaster and tripped over a tent line in the middle of the night. A stake light could have saved me the embarrassment of nearly breaking my nose as they’re great at illuminating large areas and don’t require any batteries to power them. Simply leave them to charge through the day and they’ll automatically turn on when it gets dark.

Stake lights- Camping near Doncaster

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