8 Camping Essentials for a Holiday Park

Let’s face it, camping can be hard work!


When it comes to packing, you can 100% guarantee you’re going to forget something. Regardless of the stress, it’s worth it for great memories shared with the family and outdoor time for the kids at a holiday park.


In theory, it requires very little more than a tent and sleeping bag.
But what else should you bring on a camping trip?


We’ve put together a list of 8 camping essentials, whether you’re off out into the wild or to a holiday park.

Tent, poles and pegs

It goes without saying, but make sure you don’t forget the tent!
It’s worth investing in a decent tent and we’re a fan of those with separate rooms for sleeping and a communal area, it sounds like we’re talking about a house here – But it’s good to have a space you can sit in if the weather’s not too great and for those muddy boots. Make sure it’s waterproof though, you don’t want a leaky roof.

Sleeping bag

If your accustomed to camping, you’ll know a sleeping bag is a necessity. It’ll be colder than you think at night, so you’ll be thanking us when you’re toasty in your sleeping bag.


Toilet roll

Arguably the underwritten saviour of a camping trip, especially at a holiday park if you have no toilet facilities. Make sure you don’t forget the loo roll! The last thing you want is to be trying to figure out which leaves will pass as a substitute.
Whilst we’re on the subject of hygiene, baby wipes are also a great item too… Not just for when you need to go.



Prepare in advance and you can think up some really great meal ideas for your camping trip with the family. If you really are going remote, you’ll want to make sure you bring all the food and drink you’ll need for the trip.
Most holiday parks aren’t too far away from a supermarket if you do forget.
If you’re oh so fortunate to have booked a trip to Epworth Fields, we even have a farm shop on site for those all important food essentials (plus a few extra things for good measure).


Which direction? Let me check my GPS, oh wait…

Whilst the majority of us spend our lives glued to our phones (we bet you’re reading this on a phone right now? Right? We knew it!) you never know when your GPS is going to let you down and leave you without a map and possibly unable to remember which way it is back to the campsite.
So make sure you bring a paper version, just in case.

Light it up

It’s late at night and you’re looking around for something in your tent, we’ve all been there. It’s so difficult to see anything! Whilst a phone torch could suffice, our back to nature instincts tell us to bring a good sturdy torch.


Dress for the weather

If you’ve ever been camping, or outside and it suddenly starts yo throw it down… Your clothes are soaking, right? Well you definitely want to make sure you have a spare change of clothes. Or a waterproof coat, now that would be the real winner.
You also may want to bring a jumper or something too, you can never be too warm and cosy with a big ol’ jumper!


Don’t forget the fire…

Whilst we’re not all as skilled as Bear Grylls when it comes to surviving in the wild, you may want to bring a back up fire starter such as a lighter for that essential campfire.
No camping trip would be complete without a nighttime sing along of Kumbaya around a campfire.


And that’s it! Our most needed items for an epic camping trip.


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