7 Rainy Day Camping Activities to Save Your Holiday


The British weather can take a bad turn at any moment and the only way to keep it from ruining your holiday is to… BE PREPARED!

Camping when the wet weather strikes can feel unlucky but the truth is it’s actually a brilliant excuse to get creative. There’s a tonne of fun, nostalgic ways to spend the time bringing families closer together and creating special memories. So turn that rainy day frown upside-down and read on for our top 15 rainy day camping activities.

1. Help the Worms

Worms love the rain but unfortunately most of them don’t make it back to the ground. Putting worms back onto the grass or soil is a kindness. Little ones would love to help save worms after a rainstorm. Be prepared by having some wet wipes to clean up those mucky hands.


2. Play Board Games

When the weather is rubbish it’s the perfect opportunity to dig out the old board games and challenge the family to game or three. Board games are just as fun as they ever were and games like UNO, Monopoly, Scrabble are the perfect way to indulge in some nostalgia and show your children how great board games are. No doubt you have stories of your own from childhood and think of it as an opportunity to make some new ones with your own family and pass on or start a family tradition. Be prepared by taking your finest selection of board games along for the ride.


3. Make Hot Chocolate

Making hot chocolate whilst camping

Nothing warms you up and makes you feel better than a hot cup of cocoa. Yes, your local supermarket probably has a variety of powdered hot chocolate mixes to choose from but why not try making your own for a truly special drink that will make staying inside the highlight of your trip. Why not try this recipe from Netmums you can can even make it ahead of time by pre-mixing a batch at home, all you need is fresh milk once you arrive at the campsite. Be prepared by using a recipe, purchasing ingredients and even making it ahead of time.


4. Walk the Dog

Dogs are really super! Epworth Fields Holiday Home is pet friendly, we encourage all our guests to bring their four-legged friends to stay. Dogs love being outdoors and a spot of rain isn’t going to dampen their spirit. So follow their lead and embrace the rain, go for a walk with your pooch and take the kids too to burn off some extra energy. You can always have another cup of hot chocolate when you get back. Be prepared by having plenty of supplies back at the caravan/campsite to clean up all the muddy mess.


5. Paint Some Stones

Why not collect some interesting stones when it’s sunny. If you take some paint on the trip you’ll be able to decorate the stones with creative patterns with your little ones. Why not try using glow-in-the-dark paint in order to add some extra utility? You can place the newly-painted stones around your tent/campsite in order to find your way at night. Be prepared by bringing some glow-in-the-dark paint.


6. Measure the Rainfall

Measuring the rain makes for a fun and interesting mini science lesson. Simply take a jar/ cut the top off a large plastic water bottle and put outside in the rain. Remember to measure the height of the rain that day/hour at regular intervals in order to make a chart of rainfall over time. Check out this video to see how to make your own rain gauge. Be prepared by making your DIY rain gauge with your children ahead of time.


7. Sing Camp Songs

No camping trip is ever complete without a sing-a-long. At Epworth Fields we have a communal fire pit which we light at night, perfect for singing a camp fire song underneath the starry sky. But if you are stuck for ideas to do in your tent or caravan whilst it rains, why not have a sing song? Be prepared by checking out this list from Guitar World of easy to play acoustic campfire songs.


What next?

Epworth Fields Holiday Park is a great destination to spend your camping holiday. We have lots of day-trips and family days out close by, a 6.5 acre woodland area with play park, a shop and plenty more besides to keep you entertained for your stay.

If you have any questions staying with us get in touch and we’d be happy to answer any questions.

Do you have any ideas for rainy day camping activities? Let us know what you do when it rains on your camping trip in the comments.

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