New to camping and don’t have a big budget? Wanting to learn how to save £100s on gear? Read this post and reap the rewards.

Buying second-hand gear

Buying second-hand gear is a great way to reduce the price of camping substantially. Instead of paying £1000s for a tent why not instead pay £100s. Second-hand equipment is often frowned upon because it was previously owned by someone else. However, second-hand equipment is, for the most part, just as good as buying brand new equipment. Don’t let the thought of somebody else previously owning a piece of equipment put you off, think of the money you’ll be saving! 


Stay close to home

Staying close to home is a great way of reducing the cost of your camping trip. Do proper research on when and where you want to go, what features the campsite has available (if you want to go to a campsite), what the surrounding area has to offer etc. Although staying local is often a good idea if there isn’t anything to do nearby you might as well venture a bit further out as it will help to save overall fuel cost. My local camping site is only a 10-minute drive which is at Epworth Fields so I really wouldn’t be wasting much petrol which will seriously help to reduce the cost of a camping trip. Another great way to save money is campsite comparisons. 

Campsite Comparisons

For some, choosing a campsite can be pretty straightforward but often times they will miss out on great prices. A quick 10-minute search on the internet can often produce great prices for campsites whether it be weekly or daily. Make sure you don’t just pick the first option available to you if not, you risk increasing your cost requirements. 

Use multi-purpose food and items

When it comes to camping you want to carry/transport as little weight as possible. Instead of taking items that are built for one specific task instead take an item that is built for an array of tasks. Not only can this save you money but it will save you space in your car and weight on your back. Also, if you’re planning to take food take food that can be used for multiple meals. For instance, with chicken, you can maybe cook some chicken breasts but with minced meat you can fry it up, mix it with veg, create burgers and a whole array of meals. 


Start saving before you go camping

The main thing with camping is trying to have as much fun as possible whilst spending the least amount of money. However, you need a bit of money prior to camping to buy some food and gear. As stated earlier buying some second-hand gear can greatly reduce the cost of your camping trip, pair this with a local trip and you’ll barely have to spend any money. If you didn’t even want to spend any money on gear you could borrow some off of a friend or if a local camping store is generous enough they may lend you some gear for a small charge. 

Take care of things

The final important tip for camping on a budget is to take care of things. Equipment, like everything else in life, needs to be well taken care of. If you don’t clean your tent, sleeping bags, shoes, clothes etc, you could find that you’ll have to rebuy those items sooner than expected. A simple 10 minute clean and dry can greatly benefit your camping equipment by prolonging there use and shelf life. 

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