Camping with us at Epworth Fields Holiday Park has a lot more benefits to you and your health than you would think!

Sit back, breathe in the fresh Lincolnshire air and enjoy the health improvements that this experience could have on you. Surrounded by nature, you will receive a unique, natural health kick without even realising it.


Kick back and relax

Decrease in Stress

Reduce your stress by camping. When camping, you are away from work and home stresses, allowing you to have time to stop, clear your mind and take a minute to smell the roses.

Being around nature at its finest, with less pollution and everyday distractions, allows you to have some much needed you time to revamp your mind!

Although you may have satellite connections, you are less likely to be on your phone as often when camping. This is because you’ll be pre-occupied with your surroundings and daily activities, meaning the world stresses can go on pause while you kick back and relax.

Breath of fresh air

Fresh Air

Breathe in the non-harmful air with ease!

When camping, you are exposed to better quality air, with low pollution levels. This increase in quality can lead to many health benefits!

Breathing in fresh air can lead to an increase in oxygen intake, leading to a higher amount of Serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. This has a major positive impact on your mood, digestion, appetite, sleep and memory.

Person sleeping restfully

Restful Sleep

Camping and increased physical activity come hand in hand. From strolling in the nearby woodland to bike riding, swimming and playing interactive games, camping increases your normal activity levels without you even realising. This makes you more tired by the end of the day, bettering your sleep pattern.

In addition, there is more natural lighting when camping. Natures natural, yellow light triggers the production of melatonin, leading to a more natural sleep.

Sleeping naturally helps fix your Circadian Rhythm as there is less incandescent light interference. Let’s say goodbye to your alarm clocks.

Socialisation Bonds

There are many benefits to camping including better social relationships. Build up relationships by story-telling, playing games and catching up with everyone around you.

You can turn off your technology and have a catch up with your friends and family in person.

Sunlight on skin

Healthy Vitamin D Levels

Have exposure to the sunlight when camping. When exploring the surrounding area’s, you will be exposed to more natural sunlight. From March to September is the time most people in the UK get most of their Vitamin D exposure.

Vitamin D is great for boosting your immune system and ensuring you have healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Explore now and receive the health benefits of exposure to sunlight!

Increase in Physical Activity

You tend to exercise more when camping. Just from walks to the nearby shops and surroundings, to activities that you partake in, camping increases physical activity.

When you exercise more, it impacts your health positively and gives you more energy. When you have more energy, your mood is already a better one!

Caravan site next to field

Better your health by partaking in a camping trip this year so that you can take a step back and enjoy natures beauty. Have some time out of your usual schedule so that your body can have the re-boot that it deserves.

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