We all know how hard it is keeping the kids entertained when going camping. Their inability to function without technology can be quite stressful at times; however, these camping games are sure to make them forget about their phones for an hour or two.


Whether you’re looking to go camping in North Lincolnshire, Doncaster, Devon or a multitude of places, these games will keep you occupied for eons.


Scavenger Hunt:

Starting off with my favourite camping game, the scavenger hunt. When I was a youth back in t’day my father, mother and I used to do scavenger hunts around Sandall Beat Woods. We used to create checklists and drawings of things you had to collect, whoever collected the most after an hour won. You don’t have to follow my rules though; you can interpret it however you want.

Scavenger hunt checklist

A Scavenger Hunt is great for occupying time and is suitable for all ages.  Make sure you cater to the place you’re staying at though, it’s no good putting down bluebells if there aren’t any bluebell flowers around.


(If you’re ever in or around Doncaster I recommend going to Sandall Beat Woods. It’s a good day out for you and the family.)


The Alphabet Game:

The Alphabet Game is another favourite of mine and can be played in a variety of ways. You work your way through the alphabet from A-Z listing things from a certain genre. For instance, I normally pick fruit so I’d start off with Apple then move on to Banana, Cherry, Date (you get the idea).  To tie in with camping you could pick what you see around the campsite.


Story Telling:

Storytelling is great as everybody in the family can get involved (except for the dogs). From kids to grandparents, everybody has a story to tell. It’s important to remember to tell appropriate stories depending on who you’re camping with. For instance, it’s no good telling a really graphic horror story to children as it could mentally scar them.


Simon says/ Catch or Don’t Catch:

The old classic. Simon says can be quite a frustrating game if the ‘Simon’ is a sneaky devil. The premise of Simon says is that you elect one person to be ‘Simon’ and when they say ‘Simon says’ followed by an instruction you have to do it. If they don’t say ‘Simon says’ then you aren’t supposed to follow the instruction (emphasis on aren’t). You get eliminated by either following an instruction that didn’t have ‘Simon says’ before it or not following an instruction when Simon said. The last person standing wins. Sounds confusing but it’s actually simple.


Applying that to Catch or Don’t Catch you can see where we go with it. Everyone playing stands in a circle with one person in the middle. The person in the middle has the ball and will throw it towards you whilst saying either catch or don’t catch. If you catch it when they say don’t catch you’re eliminated, the same applies if you don’t catch it when they say catch. This game is played quickly so it’s much more intense (and fun) than Simon says.

Glow in the dark Ring Toss

This is a new game that my niece taught me about and it’s actually becoming one of my favourite camping games.


It’s played exactly like regular ring toss except its glow in the dark, duhhh. I found the best way to make your own game is to get glow in the dark sticks and bend the two ends together so it forms a circle and use a connector to fasten them (make sure you snap them first so that they start glowing). Next, snap some sticks and put them in water bottles or any other cylindrical containers.  Boom! Glow in the dark Ring Toss.

Bottle of water with glowsticks inside


That’s all for this blog, hope you enjoyed!

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