10 camping ideas that will change your life forever 

Find camping tedious? Needing some inspiration to get out into the wilderness? This article aims to get you out camping as well as using some quirky ideas you may not have thought of. 


Deciding whether to pack your razor whilst going camping is always a tricky dilemma due to the blades usually snagging on suitcases, bags and sometimes if you’re unfortunate, your finger. Well say good riddance to those past problems by using a binder clip to cover your razor head. Simply open the clip up, place your razor inside and voila, no more worrying about your pesky razor. 

Razor Protection

Fire Starters 

If you’ve run out of fire starters and have a few cotton balls and a tub of vaseline lying around why not use this simple but effective idea. Rubbing and covering cotton balls in vaseline makes for an easy and reliable fire starter plus they aren’t as messy as regular fire starters.

 Cotton ball firestarter

Shoe Basket 

Scared of getting insects and creepy-crawlies in your tent and in your clothes? Using a simple shoe basket can help reduce this by up to 80%. Placing your shoes in a shoe basket after a days adventure can help to keep insects from infecting other items of clothing. Be sure to keep the basket outside of your tent or at the entrance depending on the size. Make sure you give your shoes a good shake before putting them back on again. 


Shoe basket

Drink protectors 

If you’re like me you shudder at the thought of an insect landing in your favourite drink. This can be easily prevented with a drink protector. Depending on what you drink depends on what you’ll need to protect it. If you enjoy drinking out of a can use the top of a plastic bottle and secure it around the rim, if you drink from a glass use a cupcake case. When using the cupcake method use a straw to pierce the case and drink from. I recommend using a straw to drink out of the can as well to reduce spillage. These protectors are great at keeping insects out and putting peoples mind at rest. 

Drink Protector

Candle wax on shoes

When camping we sometimes forget to bring our good walking boots or sometimes we can’t afford to buy them. If you like wearing regular shoes but don’t want them or your feet to get wet you can weatherproof them with a little help from wax. Applying wax to your shoes helps to bounce water straight off of them. Make sure you apply it once every two weeks for regular use. 

Waterproof shoes

Shoe Organiser 

Organisation is key when it comes to camping. Using a shoe organizer to store all of your miscellaneous items. A few items may wish to keep in your shoe organizer are eating utensils (such as knives and forks), hand towels, medical supplies and maybe even a light source. Having a transparent shoe organizer further increases the ability to organise your belongings whilst also being able to see which pouch they’re in. 

Shoe Organizer

Food Protection 

Sometimes, when we plan for long camping trips, we often worry about the fragility of food as well as the expiration dates. Too many times have I seen it where eggs get squashed along with bread because we didn’t take the time to consider it. Using jars and tupperware can help us to prevent the mess before it has a chance to happen. If we place bread and other soft items in tupperware the hard casing will help to protect them from getting squashed. As for the eggs we can crack them into a jar which also helps with mass storage. The main advantage of these protective items is that not only does it prevent them from being squashed and broken but the air tight seal helps to preserve the food so you can get a few more days out of them.  

Sandwich boxes

Toothpaste Drops 

Following on from mess prevention we have another method to ensure that when you empty your car you aren’t left with messes to clean up. Toothpaste, as good as it is for your teeth, it really isn’t the best for your car seats. Creating small toothpaste drops is a great way to not only manage your toothpaste effectively and efficiently but also stop any messes regular toothpaste might leave. Using a piece of tin foil place small drops of toothpaste (dentists recommend pea size drops) onto it and leave it in the freezer for 10-20 mins. Once time is up simply take them off and place in a small container so that they don’t break and turn into dust. 

Toothpaste drops

Homemade Handwash Station 

Hygiene is essential when in the great outdoors. We’re prone to diseases when we don’t wash so combining that with one of the dirtiest places on earth makes even more so. A fun little hand washing station can help to encourage us to stay clean. Attaching wipes, towels, kitchen roll and soap to a water container is an easy way to create a home made hand wash station.

Hand wash station 

DIY Branch 

Picture this, you get to your campsite and you want to hang something on a tree only to find that the tree has no branches. Don’t panic because with this easy tip you can make your own branch albeit requiring some scavenging. You’ll need to search for some dead wood that has a hook shape on them or any shape depending on what you need. Once you’ve found your perfect piece of wood simply secure it to the tree with some rope and there you have it, your own improvised branch. 

Improvised branch


That’s all I’ve got for this blog I hope you enjoyed my 10 camping ideas that’ll change your life forever. Stay tuned for more posts! 

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